Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Three Stooges

I don't often watch the State of the Union Address by G.W.Bush. In fact I rather avoid watching him speak ever. I find him embarrassing. And having taken speech classes a bit painful. I usually wait until the talking heads have reduced it to just the sound bites of importance.

But last night was an event: His last State of the Union Address. The last by the worst president in history if the pundits have it right. I tend to agree with them. But it was not his speech (with its usual disconnect to reality) which was interesting but the choreographed dance of the assembled members of the house and senate. The Republicans had to stand up and clap a lot, but it was rather half-hearted I felt. The Democrats got a lot of seat time and practice clasping their hands in their laps. The vice-president and Madam Speaker of the House, shown here behind the man with the stupid grin, were the applause signs or the directors of this dance. If they stood and clapped members of their parties better stand and clap. One can only assume that if they don't you better not.

What seemed key to me about last night's event was the lack of thunderous applause. And how even his most divisive issues were phrased in a way that to not politely applaud at the least was indication of your support of the terrorists or those that don't have the good of the United States at heart. And then there were the number of times he wanted the Democrats to cut spending as long as it was not the War in Iraq or any of his faith-based plans to save America. And yet he wants to boost spending to boost the economy which he says is still sound.

I have had a blizzard for the last 24 hours. I think I got to watch a snow job on television last night.