Monday, September 17, 2007

Woke up this morning in a serious sort of mood

For a year now I have had a blog on Yahoo 360. The rumor in that blogland is they want us all to go to Mash, their new social network. Hey, I think they have copied FaceBook with one serious flaw in my opinion; they allow your friends to edit your page. Excuse me, but isn't that like walking into your neighbor's house and rearranging the furniture?

Mother always said to never put all your eggs into one basket. Rumor seems to be shaking the Yahoo 360 basket. Tried FaceBook and don't like it so I started looking for a more serious blog platform. Some platform to swim to should the ship of Yahoo 360 indeed sink. Blogger was recommended and so here I am back on a new learning curve.

Whether Yahoo 360 survives or not is suddenly not the issue. My intention is to make this my serious blog platform. I have found in the year of blogging on 360 that I have far more to say than I thought I might. A lot about the social conditions, politics, education, global economics, dissolving the United States into a loose federation of five nation states, death of democracy, the list continues. Travels with Charley may just be a bumpy ride.