Sunday, April 10, 2011


It is not a new idea. In college I voted for Pat Paulson one election and Snoopy another. I just didn't feel that I could vote for any of the candidates offered. Up until President Obama I frequently voted for the lessor of two evils and that isn't good. In state elections I when I cannot bring myself to vote for the candidates for a particular office and do not vote for any. I was surprised in a recent off year election when a newspaper article made note of how many left that particular position blank. But the politicians don't seem to get the message.

Obviously we are going to have to be more direct like the voters in Nevada where I got this image for the blog.

After the very childish behavior of our representatives in the United States Congress I suggest a national JUST VOTE NONE OF THE ABOVE campaign for 2012. And we stick to our guns for every election until everyone in congressional office at the moment is out and the laws for campaigns and financing to get in the office are drastically changed: NO professional politicians, NO smear campaigns, NO ten second sound bites, NO professional fund raisers, NO to running for office over and above running our government, NO to partisan politics, NO repeated terms in office. JUST SAY NO.

Let us get back to what our founding fathers had in mind.

So in 2012 and every election year to 2018 just vote NONE OF THE ABOVE for every representative or senator running for office. I personally am going to do it on the state level too.

Note: I was going to advocate t-shirts and buttons but it seems there are a lot out there already so just Google NONE OF THE ABOVE and have fun. I personally want coffee mugs. And an OFF WITH THEIR HEADS t-shirt. Anyone?