Friday, January 3, 2014

Not a Chance

I have a friend who just dusted off her political blog. I admit to the fact that mine has been lying dormant for some time. And not for lack of issues I could blog about but that the GOP has made them all so funny why bother.

But the latest news about the Fukushima Reactor in Japan has generated a lot of interest. And a lot of guessing because Japan has made it criminal to report on this issue. Even all the photos are taken from far off shore it seems. I love Google images and really how secret can a nuclear power plant really be.

I have included a diagram of one of the four reactors because I thought it was very interesting that in an earthquake prone area the spent fuel pool is above the reactor. BTW I think "spent" is wishful thinking. One bit of news to hit lately was that the enormous amount of these spent rods in reactor number three of four were going to be moved over a period of time. Very Carefully one hopes. Nobody says where but, that sent me to an overview of the entire facility and the question just where are the stored rods from reactors one, which exploded, and four which was at one time on fire? Judging from the aerial photos two is in the best shape. Three is the one currently steaming because they believe there is still sea water leaking into the wet well or heaven forbid the pressure vessel.

Voice of Russia led their most recent article with the headline 89 TONS OF DEADLY RADIOACTIVE FUEL COULD REACH US IN 2 DAYS. California is already getting measurable amounts of radiation in its rain. No reports as to whether or not the fish glow in the dark. US news seems to be ignoring everything west of our coast as if it will go away soon. Not a chance.

And there is also not a chance that we can do anything about what is happening. With the aid of hurricanes we have already proven we are incapable of evacuating our major cities like say Los Angeles. So why panic the population along our western coasts. How far inland the 89 tons go depends on whether it is coming by sea or air initially and which way the winds are blowing. I do not think there is any good news on that front. And there are those missing fuel rods from the other reactors which have been doing their think already.

My sister asked just how long I planned to live anyway. Watching above ground nuclear tests in Nevada as a child and being downwind from Los Alamos may have already done it for me. Do you suppose I have become resistant?

I admit to not being all that overly concerned about my home in the mountains until a friend that works for emergency management asked me about the major fault lines in New Mexico and how stable Carlsbad Caverns were.