Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Senator Edwards won my primary vote last night when in the midst of the mudslinging between Barrack and Hilary he called for it to stop because, "all this is not getting health care for children." Here, here. Or is it Hear! Hear!

The egotistical, egomania, my way or the highway was what got us into this mess our country is in. And we do not need another person at the helm of this country who is so driven by their own ego that they will fight over petty issues on national television. I would not vote for either of them unless they were the only person able to dethrone Bush.

Sorry! I really had to get that off my chest. I have seen two year olds in sand boxes behave better. I was really writing this blog about a question I received from a friend on the previous blog: What can we do? WRITE. About any issue that concerns you.

Write your state and federal representatives, write your newspaper, write a blog, write the national news media. The computer makes this so easy with the old control C/control V functions. My e-mail contacts include Lou Dobbs of CNN, my US Representative, my US Senator, the Governor of this fair state, letters to the editor for the two biggest newspapers in New Mexico, etc. Mind you they want their own letters. Cannot CC everyone. And a couple of my representatives what it done on their websites but with autofill and paste this is not difficult either because I have bookmarked their sites.

Our lawmakers will roll along and do their own thing until they are aware they are being watched by people that can vote them out of office. Letters and phone calls on legislation can reverse the progress of a vote. I am not sure it can change the direction of a political campaign but I am determined to try because as it stands in both parties I just want to scream: Stop the boat I want to get off. I will swim to some foreign shore.