Sunday, January 6, 2008

Storm Coming

I live in the mountains above the demarcation set by weathermen where rain becomes snow. And at this time of year I become very interested in what the weathermen are saying about my future. And very aware of what is going on in California. I spent yesterday getting prepared for the storm moving my direction.

On this eve of Epiphany

My focus should be on lofty goals
The year ahead
Not just tomorrow
And this huge storm heading my way
Wood inside to stoke the fire
Water horded for later use
Should the power lines
Go down in the gale force winds

A couple states away
On hundred thousand without lights
And water to drink
Rain pouring down
Snow piling up
The threat moves as a green blob on the radar
Across the Arizona border and toward my house
Stew made
Dishes washed
Lamp oil located
Matches placed carefully to be found in the dark

On this eve of Epiphany
I lay me down to sleep
Flashlight at the ready
Fire banked for the night
Will they be right
These wizards of the winds
Will dawn reveal feet of snow
Or the remains of a starry night

Will it pass me by
Spend all its fury on the White Mountains
Between me and it
It is on its way
I am ready
I think

(c)J. Binford-Bell 1/05/2008

This morning the ground was merely wet. Not buried under more snow. But there are no stars and the wind still blows what appears in the pre-dawn gloom to be snow. It is just slower than they said. But the good news is the power is still on and there is a hot bath in my future.