Saturday, January 19, 2008

Give Me a Break

Another title for this blog could be: They lie to you all the time. And of course I am talking about politicians. Didn't they promise a kinder and gentler campaign process?

Sorry, but having a husband or political action committee do your down and dirty comments and ads is not a kinder and gentler campaign process. And just because we have gotten used to ignoring the whispered side effects at the end of a drug commercial does not mean we don't hear the, "this commercial has been approved by. . ." at the close of an obnoxious campaign ad.

The disturbing part is this is just the primary. And I get the feeling the candidates are shooting themselves in the foot. Usually we wait until the main campaign to dig up the dirt but we seem to be doing this for the opposing party. AND I do not believe any candidate when he says he is unaware of a commercial a PAC is running against his opposition. And just why would I want someone to be President of this country and leader of the free world when he cannot even keep his own supporters in line? Ignorance is not bliss in this case; it is ignorance and stupidity.

I am just so embarrassed by the whole process. All those mother phrases spring to mind like Play Nice, Potty Mouth, etc. Just go home, go straight home, do not pass the White House. And send your parents out so I can talk to them about how they raised you.

The only candidates I can exclude from this condemnation are those no longer running like Governor Bill Richardson. Nice guys finish last I guess. Even Evangelical Huckabee is not innocent of throwing the first stone. And Obama is no longer Mr. Nice Guy. I really do not want to vote for any of you. Grow up and act like someone we would want to put in our highest office.

Until then I am really tempted to just say no. None of the Above