Thursday, January 31, 2008

Same old nightmare

My internet service provider was down this morning and I had to revert to watching my morning news on television. It is probably a hang over from the days when I lived where I could pick up a morning paper but I like Internet site hoping for my morning news. The televised talking heads just seem to rude before my first cup of coffee.

And this morning they really were a nightmare. Or at least what the were proposing was a nightmare. I skipped last night's Republican debate because I just could not stand anymore name calling and back biting and I figured there would be more than enough of that in the Hilary/Obama debate tonight. So I definitely did not want to hear that it looks like it will be McCain vs Hilary in the 2008 race for the White House. The two worst dirty politicians running against each other !!!!???

I immediately began to consider my battle plan for the election year: cancel my land line telephone so nobody can call and poll me as to my choice, cancel my satellite television so I do not have to listen to the avalanche of negative political ads, change my part affiliation to Independent or Green party, put my house up for sale and look at out-migrating to New Zealand or Australia or Canada, or begin campaigning for legalization of preemptive assassination.

If the reign of G.W. Bush has left me with any lasting legacy it is a total fear of politics as usual and old school politicians. Make that total terror of politics as usual. And we seem to take entirely too long to impeach them when they have devastated our economy, ruined our world reputation, violated all parts of the constitution, and mired us in an illegal invasion of a country. Please deliver me from the evil of politicians.