Tuesday, January 8, 2008



The sun came out
Three days vanquished by the blizzard
But today it reigned
Bold and bright
Turning the sky turquoise
Making the snow too bright
More than white

I squinted against the glare
Out upon the strange landscape of my yard
Sorting mentally through the mysteries
Where did the woodpile vanish
What was that small bump
Where was the shovel last seen

The dogs in jubilation
Explored the drifts
No sense of trepidation
While turning each pile of snow
Into a game of king of the hill

The cats more timidly
Tried vainly
To left all four feet at once
Then rolled in the powdery stuff
As if all along it had been their goal
To clean their coats

The sun
Despite the temperature
Set out to melt the icicles
Which defied gravity
Precariously clinging to the eaves
In all manner of strange angles

The driveway shoveled
I sat in the studio
Basking in the sun through windows
The radiated warmth chasing the remaining chill
From my rooms and my bones
To long it has been
Since I lingered in a sunspot
Tea and pen
Cats and dogs arrayed
All grateful for today
When the winter sun won
How soon we forget the storm

(c) J. Binford-Bell, January 2008

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