Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I thought I would take a bit of a poetic rest before continuing with my manifesto on politics. Went shopping with a friend yesterday and really appreciated the chats in the aisles, and over coffee and in the drive to and fro. I believe the thing I hate the most about the current administration is the divisiveness. The Red State/Blue State polarization. It divided friends and it divided families and it definitely divided this nation.


I have thought a lot
About friends this week
Friends I have gone through the good times with
And now the bad
I have thought about what it means
To be a friend

Is it so different
When we giggle
From those times
When we cry
Talk of our fears and joys
Over coffee and a muffin

Common emotions shared
While shopping for shoes
Or that dress for the funeral or the wedding
What of the chasms
We sometimes notice
Greater than a grocery aisle
When suddenly we cannot comprehend
Where they are coming from

Are we less friends
If we cannot understand what they are going through
Why they believe what they do
Must friendships always have a common ground
Or is that friendship
All we need in common

Sharing a teary moment
Letting our friend rant
Must we say
We understand
Do we have to be on the same wave length
To remain friends
Or can we celebrate
Our differences over coffee and a muffin

(c) Jacqui Binford-Bell