Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Would you trust this Woman?

To be the coach of your child's soccer team? Never mind President of the United States. And if you elect John McCain that is what she could be in a heart beat.

The even more pivotal question here is do you trust the man that picked her? Do you trust him to pick other really key players in the running of our government like Secretary of State. Maybe Brittney Spears? Madonna for Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare? Paris Hilton for Homeland Security?

I definitely don't trust McCain's vetting staff. They missed a pregnant and unmarried 17 year old family member. And they are suppose to be the party of family values. Remember they want to eliminate most forms of birth control, all abortions, and have kids be celibate until married. Well, Bristol Palin failed that one. An Mummy clearly cannot manage five kids. She is going to keep our country safe from terrorists?

And how compassionate is she to accept this nomination that has thrust her 17 year old daughter, 5 mouths pregnant and unmarried, into the national spotlight. Or leaving the care of a 4 1/2 month old child to a pregnant teenager while on the campaign trail.

So do we really want this woman as Vice-President of the United States: A heart beat away from leader of the free world? John McCain in 72 years old and with a history of health issues. And let us not forget he was a prisoner of war. Yes, he has a distinguished service history, but on the whole prisoners of war don't live as long as people that were never imprisoned, starved, tortured, deprived of exercise. And there is the melanoma. But I don't think he is thinking straight.

This is what I would expect of Groucho Marx not someone that is running for president of the United States. Maybe he is just grooming his third wife? But the really, really, really scary part of this whole Palin business is nobody in his staff could talk him out of it. Richard Nixon was a loose cannon that did what he wanted even when it smacked of the Third Reich. And GW Bush has invaded any country he has wanted to (though in all fairness I think some of his key staff wanted that too - did they think they were playing a war game). Are we going from cowboy diplomacy to playboy diplomacy?

Should the worst happen and we lose a president to assassination or natural causes I would much rather Joe Biden than Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin. You?