Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay, that's it!

For those of you that have not read my Y!360 blog I am reposting this.

I ran across this little tidbit about Governor Palin of Alaska while surfing the net for the latest news. And in my opinion this one issue over-rides all other considerations that might arise. This entirely puts quit to the issue of who I will vote for this election. I confess to being a bleeding heart liberal when it comes to the treatment of our animal friends.

I am not against humane hunting. But I also believe in a natural balance. This is not natural. Besides it is just not wolves. I think she has stated that she does not believe Polar Bears are endangered. So what's next? She approves aerial shooting of baby bears? If she is elected vice-president she gets to set national policy about this sort of thing.

Oh, by the way other states in the past have put bounties on animals. It never works. A neighboring state of New Mexico did it with coyotes once back before animal rights organizations could check ranchers on issues. And it was a pair of ears you brought in to some state official to receive your check for $15. They were so successful at eliminating this "hunter of baby lambs" for the ranchers that there really weren't any. In the next couple of years the population of rabbits bloomed as it were. And their grazing eliminated the grass the sheep eat.

State officials contacted New Mexico to see if we would give them some coyotes. We sold them some which at the time was for about $150 each. It was a costly program for the state and ranchers but especially for coyotes and sheep.

What state you ask? Why McCain's state. Given his age he may have even been senator then.