Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Been to Alaska

In response to Governor Palin's question: I have been to Alaska. I was up there on a USO tour and I saw Cold Bay pictured here, Nome, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Indian Head, an numerous other radar bases monitoring flights from Russia.

Oh and all those decisions about fly overs and the security of the United States are made by the United States Military. I seriously doubt the Governor even knows.

I an the others I was traveling with were in Cold Bay, Alaska, the last piece of land before the Aleutian Islands begin, when there was a US Airspace incursion. Our scheduled two days in Cold Bay became a week because all military aircraft was busy and that was the only way in and out of here. It was salmon season and I don't remember caring that somewhere in or near the Pentagon there were probably some nervous military folks.

Alaska is a very interesting place. Bars are open for all but two hours when all the drunks are tossed out, the bars swept out, and then reopened before those you tossed out freeze. Right next to the coat check at most bars is a weapon check. While you can wear guns and knives on the streets, and many do, the civilized bars require you check them at the door. Walking home from the bar, or driving, you need to watch for moose and or bear. The average sidearm has little effect on either of these so the pickup has a gun rack with the heavy artillery.

In short I don't believe any of the problems that Governor Palin had to deal with in Alaska are transferable to our lives here in the lower 48 even though coming home at night where I live I have to watch out for the elk and black bears. She is certainly not going to understand the inner city issues. And she probably translates global warming as a chance for a longer hunting season. After Fairbanks there are not a lot of paved roads to worry about, no mass transit (unless you count the ferry from Juno), and the only immigration problems are the Japanese (the visit Alaska in endless charter flights) that missed their tourist flights back.

Alaska is a wonderful state but it is a state totally apart with all its own unique problems. I can certainly understand the independence movement up there. Heck I live in New Mexcio and I think that the four corners states ought to quietly leave the United States. Nobody in Washington seems to give a damn about us except for what they can take from us. And I can imagine that feeling is really rampant in Alaska. So as Governor she is probably not very pro United States and some Republicans want to give her control of it? Get real.