Monday, September 15, 2008


Derailments seem to be in the news lately. Like the commuter train in Los Angeles that hit the freight train. They are now looking at engineer inattention due to text messaging.

And the pick of Senator McCain for his VP of Sarah Palin seems to have derailed the campaigns of both him and Obama. McCain said he was going to run an honest and serious campaign with no lies and swift-boating but that has changed. Obama seems to be walking the thin rail between defending himself against those lies and not taking advantage of a woman that is dissing him every chance she gets.

Meanwhile us voters, who are facing financial crisis after financial crisis, would like some discussion of the issues of the economy. And definitely no more Bush policies on any level. We are paying billions monthly for our efforts in Iraq and now that country is making a deal to sell its oil to China instead of paying us back. Yeah, GW lied and this war was about oil and not WMD but seems he gets derailed on that too.

And it hits me yesterday that even this blog has been derailed. On an immediate level it has been turned from its focus on politics to becoming a forum on religious bias. But I derailed it when I opened my blogs to politics at all. It was suppose to be about my art and my poetry and link to my business website. And my first blogs are that. Then I decided to post some blogs about the primary process which is confusing.

For a while I considered hijacking my blog back but I began to enjoy myself here discussing the politics of the season and can see in the future that I might want to continue in a like vein on issues and bills and the actions of politicians (i.e. I don't think they are public service oriented anymore but professionals after money and glory). So I found myself missing the blog that this one used to be before it was derailed by me. Yeah, I was probably text messaging when the red light flashed and I passed the point of no return.

So I have opened a new blog here: Creative Journey. It will definitely be about art and poetry and the creative process. I am going to make every effort to avoid derailment even though it is fair to say artists hardly have a one track mind. But I have three blogs now (my first was Yahoo! 360 ) and that should allow enough diversity for any eccentric thinker.