Saturday, November 24, 2007

Art Sunday - Me for a change

I have another fair the first weekend in December. It is a local fair and I have plenty of paintings to display. And even lots the locals have not seen. I took six paintings down to the gallery to expand my exhibit there and still had plenty of paintings to show at this little fair.

But I was in the mood to paint. I have been mulling over a couple new concepts since the fair in October. I like the question I get frequently (probably based on price/hour economy) which is, "How long does it take you to do a painting?" Where do I start with that accounting? If you start at the moment of inspiration then the following painting took about 40 days. Me and Noah and the rain.

Back stairs

Back Stairs 16 x 20 Mixed Media on Canvas

It was inspired by a photograph of blue stairs against a white wall in a Greek village. Art should always make us see what we might otherwise have missed. I kept going back to those stairs on a Greek Island I have never been to and wondering why it was so familiar. Even after the fair could not get the image out of my mind. I love playing with perspective and so I tried to duplicate the image in a sketch put found myself guided to stairs I have seen in Taos and other little villages in Northern New Mexico. I have no idea where these are beyond inside my mind. And now on a canvas.

Another image that has been in the back of my mind for a couple years is based on a series of photographs I took of the AT&S train station in Raton, NM. It is an interesting Southwest structure which has all sorts of angles in it. Each layer alters 45 degrees and therefor creates a real challenge for perspectives. Lots of time spent on the sketches for this one.

Raton Train Station

Raton Station 11 x 14 Mixed Media on Canvas

The following is one of those silly little thing artists play with from time to time. The first painting I did of this Pelican is in my permanent collection and hangs in the downstairs bathroom. Several people have wanted to buy it but for really strange reasons I am reluctant to part with it. So while playing around with this new canvas that is 1 1/2 deep and does not require being framed if you paint around the edge (that was done on the two above) I decided to re-do my Pelican (never throw away a sketch). It did not end up like the first. I seem unable to copy even my own work. This one is more colorful.


Pelican 9 x 12 Mixed Media on Canvas

A funny bird the pelican. But here again it is the angles I was drawn too. I guess I am just going through an exploration of angles and perspectives if. Currently working on another in the same vein.