Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Winter's Coming

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We have been enjoying wonderful Indian Summer weather here in the high mountain west with temperatures much higher than seasonal norms. I love this time of year and have been trying to use it to my advantage to get so many things done. I have this list. And for everything I click off of it it seems I add another one or two.

I have also at last found a reliable carpenter to put siding on the exterior of my new studio addition. This is one huge to do off the list. But many remain.

This week seems to have been a family bonding experience with the dogs and cats participating in the gorgeous weather. Unfortunately I have not been able to teach any of them to help in stacking firewood, cleaning the yard of demolished stuffed toys or scoured sour cream containers before the snow covers them, wrapping up garden hoses, placing stepping stones through areas that will no doubt be muddy, etc.

The list does seem to be endless. I was picking up chunks of wood from the summer construction project when I looked back to see my cats watching me. Lazy beasts spending their day basking in the sun on the temporary stoop I made.

Winter's Coming

Winter's coming
I'm loathe to think
Of snow
November, December
February, March
How very far away
Seems spring
And warmth

Like the industrious ant
I prepare
Stacking wood
Hording food
Pushing back
The grasshopper inside
That just wants
To play
On this gorgeous
Indian Summer Day

Winter's coming
I'm loathe to think
Of snow upon the deck
Where I now sit
Basking in the Autumn Sun

Jacqui Binford-Bell, October 2007