Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is suppose to be all about me

I just posted blog 250 on my Yahoo!360 blog. It seemed like a good time to go back and begin to copy and save my blogs to my hard drive. And a funny thing happened as I worked my way through my beginning blogs. I noticed there were no comments. For almost all of the first fifty blogs I was writing in a vacuum. I was writing for just me. It was what a blog is suppose to be -- an on-line journal that is read in reverse order.

There is a lot of panic currently about all the hard work going down the drain if Yahoo!360 is abandoned (maybe by the bloggers first) or self-destructs because of some inherent flaw in the programming. But as I was setting up word files and saving some of my early entries it occurred to me just how far I had come as a blogger. I got the spacing right finally (most of the time). I learned to add photos and use FlickR, I learned my way around research sites on the net, and began posting my own art and my own poetry. Learned how to use spell check without losing my blog.

And I began getting comments on my blogs. First just one or two per blog, sometimes none. I imagine I was adding friends too though in the beginning I was really afraid of friends.

So now I have 72 friends which were once a real joy. (Opps 71 - the blog today upset one). Now I am not so sure. They seem to be raising my anxiety level by threatening to abandon 360 before it abandons them. I think that was a game I used to run a lot of my life when younger. I eventually abandoned it as not productive. One it required a lot of moving, packing, unpacking, making new friends, etc. Anyway now I get to face all my abandonment issues.

But this is about blog 250. And what that Yahoo blog platform has given me in the way of growth and knowledge and experience. And if it were to crash this very minute before I had copied all my blogs to word files on my hard drive could I say all my hard work was wasted? No. Because I learned and grew. I met people and made friends finally. Several of those are now connected with me through IM's or e-mail. And as I discovered as a military brat moving from base to base, if you are going to stay friends that will happen regardless of where you are transferred, and if you aren't, living next door won't help. I don't always deal well with the drama queens. Blogging in a vacuum has its pluses.

Ergo this site with no friendship issues. I do know that I am not going to MASH except to keep in contact with some of the friends I made here. I am letting my FaceBook account die (there seems to be no way to unsubscribe). I have set up this blog on BlogSpot to do what I originally wanted to do - just keep an online journal and express my views right or wrong. For the moment I am staying on 360 because I like it. When it is no longer fun I am gone.