Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Serious even if he isn't

Stephen Colbert announced he is running as favorite son candidate for President from South Carolina. The major news programs were denouncing it as making fun of the presidential election process. I really doubt anyone needs to make fun of it. Politics has become a joke. Used car salesmen now rate higher on honesty.

And he will not be the first comedian to make a bid for the office. Yes, there have been a lot of clowns like the one there now. But Pat Paulson of Laugh-in ran once. So did Snoopy - you know the dog in the Peanuts comic strip. I think I actually voted for him. In all my life I have only voted for the winning candidate for president once. So I guess my seriously considering voting for Stephen Colbert dooms him.

I get tired of voting for the least bad of two. I really think we need a "none of the above" or "just say no" option. If a candidate cannot get a large enough percentage of the voting public (never mind the electoral college) he has to run again. And I think we need an amendment to the constitution that allows for a no confidence vote. So when you get a situation like we have now - where everyone agrees he is the worst president we have ever had - he can be removed easily from office.

And it ought to be done with only debates. No prime time television commercials. We have to start making it cheaper to get in office. I recently wrote my congressional delegation about the proposed North American Union. And got back only double talk - you know like calling torture enhanced interrogation. They don't care about how I feel on issues. They only care about the major power brokers that support their campaign. So the only way to get our democracy back is to make it cheap to become a public servant.

Meanwhile I am serious about Colbert. He is essentially my way of saying "none of the above." And I am changing my registration to independent. Another way of saying no.