Sunday, October 19, 2008

A question for my learned friends

It has been a vast number of years since I was in college and we sat around and argued the esoteric as if it really mattered. Somehow I think that if all of us had paid more attention to those discussions we might not be in this economic mess we are in today.

One of those discussions had to do with pure socialism and pure capitalism. The USSR has proven their communistic state did not reach pure socialism because of the greed of its leaders. We have just proved we could not reach pure unregulated capitalism because of the greed of our leaders and corporations. Russia is now trying capitalism and we are dipping our toes in socialism.

And I don't mean the socialism that McCain says that Obama will lead us into but the socialism that G. W. Bush has already had voted into practice: the ownership and control over our biggest "industry" the banks and investment firms. McCain wants to continue with deregulation which got us into this maelstrom which means we can yet own more industry in the US. And Obama wants controls that would not just rescue the financial firms that got themselves into this pickle but us lowly members of the middle class that are suffering because we don't have golden parachutes.

So here is the question: If there are always two ways to get to some desired goal - let us say a Utopian society like Plato wrote about - which will get us there faster? Or given that you never reach the ultimate - which will get us closer sooner.

I maintain that if John McCain were to achieve the White House and continue with the agenda that he and Sarah Palin have advocated we would see rioting in the streets. And we would also see a breakup of the United States as we know it (not unlike what went on in the USSR when communism failed). But Republican candidates advocate giving the states more discretion on their laws re abortion, etc. And since they obviously will be giving us and the states we live in less money why play? I say we get our National Guard home, make them a state militia and declare ourselves independent. Hey, Sarah advocated that for Alaska. As a resident of New Mexico I am willing to consider a compact with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona (if it kicks out the McCains).

A part of me really wants this direction. I am not overly fond of the government of late. Like the last eight years. But there would be chaos for a while and I am not sure the majority of our TV fed population could deal with chaos. And that could be a good thing as far as population reduction. I doubt they could feed themselves without microwaves.

Obama, on the other hand, offers the gentle route toward Utopia. I just think because it keeps people fat, dumb and happy (and the microwaves working) it will take one hell of a lot longer to get there. Don't get me wrong. I am voting for Obama but I have my contigency plans for a McCain victory, his death from poison, and the succession of Palin as president. God, what a nightmare.

So what do you think? What are you prepared for? This is more than three days until FEMA shows up provided it has the money to respond to any disaster these days.