Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain's Tragedy at Sea

As McCain continues to lean on his war record as a hero more and more blogs and websites come up with revealing "truth" and official records that counter McCain's glorification of himself.

Because both his father and grandfather were Navy Admirals there is no doubt that McCain was allowed to get away with things like his plane crashes due to foolish stunts that would have gotten other Navy pilots assigned ground duty or swabbing decks. And he admits that his father interceded more than once with his son's commanding officers.

But Truthdig has a very comprehensive and revealing article on the Forrestal incident. I urge all my readers to not merely read this report but e-mail it to your friends. Senator McCain is using lies to bolster his run for President, but McCain's actions immediately following the fire (and while it was still burning) put his line about "knowing what all men on deck means," which he used when canceling his campaign and debate because of the economic crisis.

Is this the man we want at the helm of our ship of state?