Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Color Me Blue

I live in a decidedly Red county. We are so Republican here that most of us Democrats whisper. Yeah, whisper. In fact, my most daring move since marching to end the war in Vietnam in the 60's was to put an Obama/Biden magnet on my car. It has definitely chilled the air at the hardware store.

But at the market women friends are motioning me into quiet aisles to shake my hand. This has slowed down progress a bit but made me feel that I was not totally alone in a sea of red? BTW why did the Republicans get red?

Anyway, New Mexico has been a red state on the electoral map the last few elections. But in the last week CNN has been painting it leaning blue. That is the lighter shade of blue given to states that have a history of being heavily Democrat.

And this morning as I was reading the latest polls I discovered that New Mexico is not even considered in contention any more. It is Blue. I'm dancing. Well, not actually dancing but I am no longer whispering. Still I am the only Obama sign in my window on my street. Too early to feel too sure of myself here, but not quite as alone. I may go to the local grocery store and see if I can actually talk out loud in front of the meat and cheese counters.

You know who must be feeling really alone these days is John McCain. His running mate Sarah Palin seems to be stealing all the news coverage (about her fancy wardrobe and hairstyling) as well as drawing all the crowds at speaking events. And Obama's crowds are huge. But he does keep on keeping on. And he is the comeback kid. Heck, even he thought his naval career was over after the Forrestal incident, but Daddy pulled him out.

What scares me at this juncture is that GW (also a very lonely person just now) may allow some terrorist incident to occur just to boost McCain's numbers. For all my UK readers that is not just paranoia. It is how far the political system and our faith in it has sunk here in the United States. Between hanging chads, Supreme Court rulings they had no legal right to make, 9/11, 2004 voter registration and poll number irregularities we won't believe in the result even after it is counted of McCain comes out on top.

Obama needs such a commanding lead going into election day that to pull a switcheroo on the American people would cause rioting in the streets.