Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stirring up a storm

While I was venting my anger at the shoddy treatment at the hands of my contractor, who I once considered a friend, I noticed the wind picked up and sparks started to fly from my fireplace flue. One of my blogland friends asked if I was calling up all the bad weather she was having down wind. Ergo the following poem.

The storm within

I raged today
My sunny mood grew stormy
The wind howled against the walls
The windows of my house
and mind

The storm clouds
Gathered in my stomach
Thundered through my chest
Outside the sky grew dark
The clouds built
My lazy fire danced
I spit
It snapped
The tree limbs scrapped against the wall
Sparks flew from the flue
I was in a very dark mood
As night closed in
The coals smoldered
I banked the fires of my anger
An idle breeze
A simple word
Made the coals glow red

I felt battered
The air smelt of smoke
My skin tight
As if scorched
The storm is past
My anger spent
The very air seems devoid of energy

(c)Jacqui Binford-Bell 2007