Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It is About Time!

I am frankly thrilled with the news out of Iowa and now Vermont this week.

The Vermont Legislature on Tuesday overrode Gov. Jim Douglas’s veto of a bill allowing gay couples to marry, mustering one more vote than needed to preserve the measure.

The step makes Vermont the first state to allow same-sex marriage through legislative action instead of a court ruling, and comes less than a week after the Iowa Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in that state. These victories are huge. Especially seen in the light of the dark ages of the Bush administration from which we have just emerged.

I have frankly always wondered what the big issue was about banning gay unions. The argument that it destroys the institution of marriage never rung true. I frankly think we ought to celebrate any committed relationship. And frankly I think there are none as committed as those thwarted by society. This was true of inter-racial marriages in the 60's and it is true now of the same sex marriages being disallowed in most of the United States.

As an artist and with a long history in the theatrical world it has been my pleasure to know many same sex couples that without the benefit of marriage have stayed together in loving relationships far longer than some of my friends in conventional marriages, moi included. I have always thought this is about health insurance. Companies and Medicare (and Social Security with survivor benefits) do not want this additional burden of having to provide coverage for same-sex partners.

It is sad if that is the reason we are banning love just because it does not fit our narrow definitions.

I applaud Vermont and Iowa. Way to go.