Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don't take me to a hospital

I think the one thing I most support on President Obama's agenda for America is health care reform. This is the one thing the Republicans seem most opposed to. The are want to say we have the greatest health care system in the world. They obviously have not used it lately.

I just got off the phone with my ex-husband that is on is 3rd week in a wound care hospital after 2 weeks in a general hospital for a wound on his toe that would not heal. He likely picked up the infection in this wound when he was in he hospital for pneumonia. And now seems to have picked up an intestinal infection while at this latest hospital.

Despite definite instructions that he is to be on a diabetic diet (not that rare in wound care facilities) he has continued to be fed pancakes and syrup for breakfast. And is not getting the every couple hour snacks that are essential to maintain a correct blood sugar level.

He just received some of his bills for the first two weeks: $38,000 plus. Now that does include surgery on the wound. Since it was not healing it was necessary to make it bigger. Now he is trying to get out of this hospital and into home health care so he can get away from any other possible infections he might pick up. The doctor agrees but there is a dearth of home health care professionals in our area. Those we did have abandoned it for the more stable hospital salary in light of our current economic issues.

I have my own list of horror stories about medical care. And currently have any number of friends also going through hell in the medical/insurance realm. One is dealing with the aftereffects of radiation treatment she got for cancer. Did you know it can prevent any future skin graphs. Another friend's brother just died from the chemo they gave him for lung cancer. Oh, they cured the cancer but the chemo destroyed his lungs. And for this fantastic health care system, per the Republicans, we pay double what most of the civilized countries in the world do. It is why we are not competitive in the world market on goods we make.

And our insurance companies do not help. They could force medical professionals to hold to certain charges but no. And they could allow payment for holisitic and alternative treatments but no. And they could stop lobbying the Republicans to oppose any reform of health care or health care insurance but no.

So until there is some serious reform do not take me to a hospital. When I had to have my finger reattached they berated me for not getting there sooner. I had spent three hours in the emergency waiting room. And my major concern from the minute the admitted me was what awful bone or blood infection I might pick up there. I think it is healthier to stay away from those places. Certainly cheaper.