Sunday, February 1, 2009

What don't they get?

I just was catching up on some of the news of the last week and discovered that all those bailed out financial/investment corporations are still giving excessive bonuses to their executives that have failed in keeping the companies solvent. And Citibank, that credit card company you love to hate, is going to buy a new $42 million corporate jet.

How many people did they kick out of their homes for this? And how many Citibank Credit Card holders are now paying 26% interest and $35 late fees? Or better yet, how much of my taxpayer money is funding this joy ride?

This new toy of the CEO's carries only 12 passengers and a crew. Twelve! And just where do they travel on this gold plated luxury ride? Isn't this the day of the Internet? Conference calls? Live video streaming that allows you to hold a meeting with nobody leaving their conference rooms?

And shouldn't Citibank and all these "on the brink of failing" companies be cutting back on expenses and frills and bonuses like us middle class (rapidly becoming lower class) members?

I am sorry you managed your companies so very poorly but in true capitalism you should be allowed to fail. I say take the remaining TARP funds and open a government bank to provide loans to people getting foreclosed on or in bankruptcy themselves. No more for banks and investment companies. Zero. Zip. Nada.

They just don't get it. Literally!

Write your congressmen and President Obama Today.