Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature

I think I will leave pure politics here for a moment and focus on some of the other news. I have had enough of the Republicans, who caused this economic mess, refusing to participate in a plan to clean it up.

I am not very tolerant of stupid people.

I think it is absolutely horrid that arson is suspected in some of the Australian fire storm. In fact, one fire fighter yesterday was quoted on a news video as saying that as soon as they would get one brush fire out or contained it was re-started by arson. I know that arson has played a part in more than one New Mexico forest fire and several California wildfires. I think this is such a sad statement on human nature. Over 130 people are dead in Australia with dozens missing. The injuries and property loss is horrific.The law in Downunder has declared the charred remains a crime scene. There should be a death penalty for people that cause these things. I was thinking of bringing back burning at the stake.

Did you know when they burned witches that their friends brought wood so they would burn faster and be released from their torment quicker and with less pain. A big fire can totally suck out the air you are breathing so you suffocate. I wonder if anyone in Australia would bring wood if they caught the arsonists?

Speaking of stupid people (only a few or this blog could go on forever) many of those trapped on the Lake Erie ice flows actually bridged gaps in the water caused by cracks so they and their Budweiser could cross. The cost of rescuing these idiots has really taxed already strained resources of the states, and at least one governor was considering fining those rescued for costs. And why not? Maybe Budweiser will be willing to make a commercial using these idiots to pay for their defense against charges.

Oh, to prove you don't have to be drunk to be stupid, let me mention here the engineers that conceived of and built the Three Gorges Dam in China. All dams are generally on fault lines because that is where rivers like to run. But this one was built in a very geologically unstable area. The dam itself is the largest ever conceived. And the weight of the dam and now the water is believed to be the cause of that huge earthquake China suffered.

Let us not be too smug though because here in the United States we take joy from building nuclear energy plants on top of fault lines like over the San Andres fault in California outside San Francisco.

I think the lesson in all the above is, "It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature."