Monday, December 1, 2008

He Lies to Us All The Time

What is that joke about how to tell when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving.

That is certainly true of G. W. Bush. Though he is capable of lying without moving his lips. Even when there is no reason to lie he lies. He told Charles Gibson in one of his exit interviews that he did not come to the presidency prepared for war. That certainly is not what was leaked from the White House. His first goal upon election was to go to Iraq and try to do it better than Daddy.

And he is still maintaining the intelligence passed to him was flawed. General Powell has already said he was lied to by Bush and Cheney. Now who are you going to believe?

But his biggest lie in my opinion is the one he is telling himself: "I will leave the presidency with my head held high."

This from a man that cheated himself into office twice, got us involved in an illegal invasion of an independent country, re-named prisoners of war enemy combatants so he does not have to adhere to the Geneva convention on POW's, established a prison camps on foreign soil where he can detain and torture United States Citizens, has broken every privacy law under the constitution, exempted his presidency from having to follow the rule of law with the 'signing exception' on bills passed by the elected congress, and deregulated all his rich corporate friends so they could rob us blind and retire in the Bahamas with Golden parachutes.

This man has in eight years totally ruined the United States economy and the faith of the American people in our system of government (no longer a democracy because of him) and he is proud? I think he is far stupider than I gave him credit for. And I have no faith in the 26% of the people that believe him.

I am frankly disappointed he is being allowed to leave office instead of being impeached for high crimes against humanity and our government. Thank god he only has 50 more days. Hopefully we will survive as a people and a country for that long. Though you have to give him credit - there are not a lot of ways left to sink the United States and destroy the faith of its people in elected officials.