Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is the ticket

This is just the ticket for me. I really liked Senator Biden in the debates and would have endorsed him as the Democratic nominee but he was one of those very talented men that fell to the wayside in the primary process. So having Joe Biden on the same ticket with Barack Obama just seems perfect for me.

And he has all that experience that McCain keeps saying that Obama is lacking.

I was so afraid Obama would be pressured into picking Hillary as a running mate. We have had too many years of Clintons and Bushes in the White House. We do need a change. The political dynasties have gotten us into this mess. We need a new approach to get us out of it. And both of them have such great smiles.

After eight years of watching the current sour puss in office I need smiles. And people that speak proper English. I want nice manners and leaders willing to talk and not bomb us out of our problems with the rest of the world. So after my bottom of the barrel mood of last blog I am now feeling more optimistic. I look forward to the news coming out of the convention in Denver. And let's hope for a good jump in the poll numbers.