Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Panic Attack

I got this image in an e-mail recently of other impossibly cute photographs. This one makes me a bit uneasy. I keep seeing in my mind the cat waking up and discovering he eats birds.

Or the bird suddenly going, "OMG I am sitting on a cat."

I saved it in my folder of possible blog images because it was reminding me a great deal of the United States Presidential election. The voting public (the majority of which don't vote) is the slumbering cat. I can really identify with the kitten. The entire primary process just exhausted me. I am seriously tired of it all and I don't even have to watch all the campaign ads on the television.

I think the bird looks like Bush sort of. Could be McCain with those chubby cheeks. To green for Obama. When the cat wakes up - if ever- the bird is done for. Don't you think the parakeet looks like it is on the verge of panic? Like McCain when he cannot read the teleprompter, or Bush when he forgets which country he is condemning. That was the look I had when the latest polling numbers showed an essential dead heat between McCain and Obama. How did we get here? I thought the Democrats were getting a free walk to the White House based on GW's approval ratings? Just last week wasn't he 9 points ahead. I don't remember a scandal. Just a vacation to Hawaii. What happened?

I will admit every single presidential election year I swear I am moving to Canada if ________ (insert name of most any Republican) wins. But this year I thought I won't have to do that. And even if McCain wins I might not have to talk of emigrating. I think if McCain wins the United States as we know it will cease to exist. We are on the brink of our version of the French Revolution. Only it was easier to put France back together again. I think the United States will fragment into four or five federated nation states. I sort of am looking forward to the change. I mean if we can't vote change in why not revolt it in. Hey, all the military is in Iraq so who can stop us if a few contingent states want to go off on their own.

OMG, could McCain actually win? Would we vote in a third term of GW Bush policies? Would the Republicans not even have to cheat their way into the White House this time? Time to wake up cat or your are going to get bird poop all over that pretty fur coat.