Monday, February 25, 2008

There has to be a better system

The weather has won and I have given up on the thought of getting over the mountain to get paint to work on the studio. My alternative is taxes. My CPA wants my records by March 1.

Artists in my experience are seldom organized but I because of my head injury may be worse. And this year with the building of the studio is horrendous. I know because it took me all morning to just assemble all the receipts and files and past records on the folding desk in the studio.

I am probably my CPA's worst nightmare this year. I am on Social Security Disability, I have income from a rental unit which this year I did a major redo on, the art business with mega loses this year, and the studio built in part from withdrawing retirement funds. It is all way beyond me doing my own taxes even with all the new computer programs out there. So I pay someone to do it for me even though my net income this year is probably well below $25,000. So why do taxes have to be this difficult?

And why are none of the current candidates talking of an easier and simpler way? Except Ron Paul if he is still even running. Ralph Nader announced he was yet again running (is he being paid by the Republicans to pull votes away from the Democrats) because there are not issues being addressed. YES. Everyone seems to be addressing character assassination and not what the electorate really wants addressed.

There is the Tax Code and the unfair taxes on the middle class. And not a single candidate since Bill Richardson bowed out has addressed the abuse of the west with taking our water and energy and using us as a dumping ground for spent nuclear fuel. He was also the last person to mention ending no child left behind which has resulted in a 40% drop out rate in our state.

And have you noticed they are for comprehensive immigration reform and no border security when in a state with a heavy Hispanic vote but for enforcing our laws when addressing those that want us to be a nation of laws for all applied equally?

How about equal taxation? Fair taxes. Easy taxes. Wasn't this what started the Revolutionary War? Maybe it is time for another.