Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Sad State of Affairs

I have been searching my memory for where my cynicism in the political process began. Probably with the Warren Commission Report. I had visited the plaza in Dallas where President John F. Kennedy's life was ended. I had stood there and stared up at the Texas Book Depository window where Oswald had aimed his rifle and I knew as a hunter I would have taken the shot before the car bearing the President turned UNLESS I had been told to wait until the car was equal distance between me and another shooter.

Watergate only strengthened my belief that the people of the United States did not count. I was living in Washington, D.C at the time and working for various Senators and organizations trying to end the war in Vietnam. I had my telephone bugged. I left the capital and vanished into the New Mexico high country and withdrew from political participation while I watched the Watergate hearings. Could the political process redeem itself? No, because Nixon resigned, Ford pardoned him and people were allowed to believe he was their hero still.

Then came hanging chads, the Supreme Court shortcutting the election process, the Presidential "election" of 2004 with major vote discrepancies and no paper trail. I have absolutely no faith that the votes I cast are ever honestly counted. I have no faith that whomever I finally decide to vote for in the Democratic Caucus this Tuesday will not be bought and paid for by the time they reach the White House - or if they will even be sworn in if the majority of the citizens of the United States cast votes for them.

I am afraid that G.W. Bush will in fact cancel the election because of security reasons and continue to destroy the United States for another two years under marshal law (as if we have not been really close to that the last six years.

And I know I am not the only person with this lack of faith in politics or this fear of the supporters of an egomaniac. What to do? Continue to vote and see if our votes are counted? Continue to voice our opinions and see if anyone actually pays attention? Or rise up and reclaim our country? Or move and become an expat?

I will vote this Tuesday in the Democratic Caucus here in New Mexico but I have not faith in my vote being counted or it making a difference. That is a sad state of affairs.