Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is this our last chance for a woman president?

Now that my tax preparation is over I can get back to paying attention to the political races. We seem to have sunk from the silly season to the dirty season in the few days it has taken me to gather up my expenditure records and order them for my CPA.

Strange things have been happening. McCain says he had no idea who was introducing him. Or what the loose cannon was going to say. That would not be the politic thing to do. It is my understanding that everyone that speaks for a candidate is thoroughly vetted and told expliciatly what they can and cannot say. So he said what they told him to say so John could look grand with his apology? Maybe.

And frankly how involved is a candidate with his middle name? He didn't have an option at the time. Here here are a lot of Jesus's and even a few Jesus Cristo's but I am not about to assume they are willing to die on the cross. And New Mexico was the land of hippy communes so we have a plethora of Stars, Moons, Crystals. Have their parents ruined any chance they have of running for president in the future? My middle name is Marie. Would I be associated with the French Marie Antonette should I chose to run for public office?

But the one slimy campaign tactic which upsets me the most of late is that this is our one and only chance to elect a woman as president. And if we do not vote Hillary in now we will never get another chance to vote for a woman. This seems to be forwarded through many Hillary supporters as why all us women should support her and not Obama. Sorry but I just don't buy that. Not voting for Hillary does not mean I am against having a woman as president. Just this woman at this time.

I don't like that we are getting two for one. I think the world has changed a great deal since Bill held the office. And I believe too much of her energy would be taken up by shooing Bill out of the room. Hillary also has a few of the negatives I don't like to see in a woman in power - be it CEO or President. She can be shrill and domineering. There are times the derogative word Fishwife springs to mind.

And I wanted a woman as president because I thought they would bring a greater sense of humanity and compromise to the office. I do not see either of those qualities in Hillary. Especially since she is willing to let her campaign play the sex card. And she let Bill play the race card. She just does not reflect my values. Or the values I would like to see in a President of this country.