Thursday, February 18, 2010

Justice is blind, deaf and dumb

Went through another session with my lawyer to prepare me for trial on the 19th of March. First time we did this is was a lot more about fact finding for her case preparation. This time was more about posing questions that would actually be asked while I was in the witness box by either my attorney or the opposing attorney on cross. We prepped for two hours and then she informed my that my direct would likely be 2 1/2 and then it would be the other attorney's turn.

They want to prove that my intention was from the beginning to never pay my contractor. I want to prove that his intention was to cheat me because he thought he could. My attorney is confident I have the documentation to prove my point.

What amazes me about this whole process win or lose is the sorry state of our legal system (I deliberately did not use the word Justice because since OJ Simpson I don't think there is Justice in the system). Win or lose it will have taken more than two years of my life for what I regard as a frivolous claim. And if I had not gotten legal aid because of my financial situation it would have cost me $30,000 thus far. I was actually told by an attorney when all my efforts to arbitrate had been refused that I should just pay him because it would be cheaper than fighting him.

Too often people just do that. They bow to the "blackmail" and pay the piper because it will cost less than fighting for the truth and JUSTICE. Some years back a friend of mine was sued because a dog staying at her house (not hers) bit a kid that hurt it. The person bringing the suit was also a friend. Her line was, "But I am suing your insurance company. It won't cost you a thing." It did. The insurance company canceled after paying up out of court and she was forced to take the mortgage company "over the top" insurance premiums.

Lawyers and contractors think all they have to do is threaten and it will be settled out of court for some pricey but factious amount (the mother of the girl that got bit once claimed it ruined her ugly daughter's acting career - 20 stitches cost $30,000 plus plastic surgery). And who of us can afford to defend ourselves these days. My contractor wants enough more to have built my studio three times. And he never finished it once but I have already paid him twice his original estimate.

My friend with the dog abusing child has a home she bought with the pain and suffering money and still an ugly child who is now adult. The friend she sued has gotten cheaper insurance finally but the lawsuit of 20 years ago comes up every time she applies for any insurance. I may lose my house if I lose but my contractor is still a snake in the grass and no longer working as a contractor.

And the justice system is still really sick and up for sale to the highest bidder.