Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Say No?

We have become a society of NO. Just say no to drugs campaign began this. And then there was say no to sex before marriage which is something that did not work for a Palin child and thousands of others. Now we are wondering if the Republicans are the party of NO and how is that working for them?

Hecklers at the ND graduation ceremonies tried to say NO to Obama's right to freedom of speech. It was all about his stance to not say NO to abortion.

Everyone is in an uproar because five states and the District of Columbia have now said yes to gay marriage while the other 45 states still say no.

This all brought to mind one of my favorite bumper stickers: Against Abortion: Don't have one. I think this can be used on a number of various issues today. Against Gay Marriage: Don't say I do. Against teen sex: Just say NO after the first kiss. Against pornography: Don't go there.

Why is it we seem to demand that all people subscribe to our set of morals? Rowe vs. Wade was not anti-abortion but pro the rights of privacy of women. Two men or two women entering into a sanctioned union does not hurt the institution of marriage. The rampant rate of divorces among heterosexuals does that all by itself.

Some argue that prostitution can be legalized and managed and therefore not harmful to the participants. It is the illegal aspect that allows pimps to abuse their stable. Or allow STD's to run untreated through the streets. It is men wanting privacy about their acts that prevents them informing their wives. How a husband and wife deal with this is their business.

We get into some gray areas with pornography. It is not a totally victimless crime and especially if it involves children younger than the age of consent. And some argue that the ready availability of violent porn creates serial killers. I happen to think they are born and not made. I think adults have the right to engage in pornographic acts if they chose.

We also have the right to not be of a Christian faith if we choose. And we should not be abused with e-mails that slander our choice of faith or political position or moral stance. We all have the right to freedom of speech without being heckled even if we are not president of the United States. And the graduates of ND had the right to not attend or protest outside. But when they interrupt they not only infringe upon the speakers right to free speech but the audience's right to listen to what is being said.

Your right to not have an abortion should not infringe upon my right to have one (well past that point now). Your right to freedom of religion should not infringe upon my right to worship as I choose or not worship for that matter. Your right to call 900 sex talk numbers should not infringe on my right to not do that. Your right to listen to Rush should not stop me from turning him off.

We need to shut up with this JUST SAY NO crap and listen for a change. Maybe we should start with really listening to ourselves. When did we start being so narrow-minded? Didn't our forefathers come here so they could worship as they chose? Isn't the Declaration of Independence all about freedoms?