Saturday, May 9, 2009

Economy getting better???

I have this question: Is the trickle down theory of economics anything like waterboarding?

I was watching various videos by the talking heads on the Internet this morning and it seems that the economic pundits think we have either reached bottom or may actually be on the upswing as it were. This is good news.

But why is it that those that got us into this mess (the banks too big to fail and the investment bankers) will be the first to benefit from this uptick? Don't get me wrong this is probably very good news for me because those that have money (those that did not lose it all) and will now benefit first are my customers as an artist. I will be part of the trickle down theory in action. At least I hope so.

But for the moment I am still in a very difficult financial position. Not as bad as some. I am making my bills if just. But come winter and increased heating costs . . . well, I am looking into low income assistance for that. But last night as I was trying to drop off to sleep and my mind was still running through the 400th permeation of my budget I had to wonder if this was like Chinese water torture. I am one of those formerly middle class that has never learned to work the system. And trying to learn how when sleep deprived is not helping.

I really am looking forward to putting all this behind me and being able to splurge on a t-shirt that says: Been there. Done that.