Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stepford Wife? Or Barbie Doll?

Must be a quiet week on the political front because everyone is talking about the wives of the candidates rather than them.

I like Michelle. She seems very real. And commanding as well. Her girls seem well adjusted and it would seem that she and Obama have a good relationship. However, I just cannot get a handle on Cindy McCain. I find myself thinking back to the officer wives I knew when my father was an Air Force Officer. They usually excelled in cocktails and bridge and standing just behind their husbands.

Words like plastic and Barbie Doll and Stepford come to mind every I see here beside and slightly behind her husband. I liked this photo because her hair is messed up a bit. Something you don't see often.

The Internet rumor mill has her being the other woman in McCain's first marriage. They had a sordid affair after McCain returned from Vietnam to find his wife very altered by a horrid car crash that left her disfigured and handicapped. Remember when presidential candidates could not be divorced let alone remarried to their mistresses?

I guess times they are a changing but I had hoped they had moved away from the plastic, perfect little wife forever at her husband's side like an appendage. Her father is rich. Maybe that is her one redeeming trait. It certainly is not morality.