Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where did my poison come from?

One of those little side agreements that came with the many free trade deals G.W. Bush has been engaging in without congressional oversight is the elimination of point of origin labeling.

Probably not a big deal since his administration has also totally stripped the Food and Drug Administration (and the Environmental Protection Agency too) but now with poisoned tomatoes in 17 states we haven't a clue where they came from. Ergo nobody is buying tomatoes period. Which is a shame as there are some United States suppliers of this wonderful fruit/vegetable that have proven clean of any contamination. But they are having to trash their production for lack of markets.

My personal guess is that the tomatoes came from Mexico. Like to blame China but that is a bit far for a ripe tomato to travel. And the first states where the suspect food showed up were Texas and New Mexico. Right along the Mexico border. But proving that is darn near impossible because of that no point of origin labeling. And if NAFTA gets its way and they allow trucks from Mexico to just roll across the border with no unloading to US trucks we will really be lost. Poison tomatoes can go straight through to Canada.

So since I do not know where the produce in my market comes from I am not buying any of it. Growing my own lettuce and tomatoes and waiting for the farmer's markets for everything else. So if you are a United States producer of vegetables and fruits put Grown in the USA in large letters on it. If I don't see that I will assume Mexico. Not a good assumption. I want to know what I am eating and where it is from.