Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dream Ticket Really A Nightmare?

Barack Obama acquired the necessary delegates to be the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. But Hillary has not conceded the race. Sour grapes? Certainly bad sportsmanship.

She has let it be know that she will consider vice-president. Will she only admit Barack won if she is begged to be on the ticket? Who knows, but there is something about the whole thing that just smells bad.

Several of her supporters are on air today saying what a great idea the dream ticket would be. I think it would be a nightmare for Obama and for the nation. And I think it would be an open invitation for some rabid supporter of Hillary to assassinate the President once they are elected. John F. Kennedy was urged to take Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate and look what happened to him when he visited Johnson's home state? And Hillary has already brought up the thought in references to RFK.

But that aside can you imagine establishing a working relationship with her? One of the many reasons she failed in the bid were staffing problems. And she showed on numerous occasions during the campaign her inability to compromise to admit error. She was also totally unable to reign in her husband, so any campaign for President with her as second would have Bill to deal with. And clearly she does not lose gracefully.

I can think of several other possible running mates that would be a far better ticket than Obama/Hillary. I personally like Obama/Richardson though it makes for a bit longer bumper sticker. You could go with Barack and Bill. Has a nice ring. But whomever he chooses should be his decision. He certainly should not be forced into adopting the failed Clinton political machine when he is professing to be the candidate of change.

I saw his speech last night and loved it. I believe choosing Hillary as VP would put much of that speech in doubt. Yes, he needs a VP with experience but he does not need Hillary. That is like trying to swim the English Channel with the mooring lines still tied to the pier.

And Hillary needs to bow out gracefully and concentrate on being a really great Senator. We are going to need another icon like Ted Kennedy in the future.