Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bitter? Who isn't?

Hillary has been condemning Barack's comment about voters being bitter. Yes, we are. And the numbers seem to prove it. In a recent CNN poll 81% of Americans said our government is on the wrong track. This is the highest level of disconnect with politics and Washington in almost two decades!

And a full 78% say things have gotten worse in the last five years. But what is the most frustrating is that nobody in Washington seems to be listening. While all the economic and political pundits are searching for words to survive this "slow down" in our economy two thirds of Americans polled thing it is a recession and think it has been going on for a while already. The world bank recently revealed a study which showed that food prices around the world have risen 83% in the last three years and that now some 33 countries are facing a crisis with food prices. But GW Bush, the leader of a free and democratic world by his own titling, doesn't even know that gas will soon be at $4.00 a gallon or better here in the states while Iraq sits on huge stockpiles of oil that it won't even use to rebuild its own country.

OK, I get the Pottery Barn rule. We broke it so we pay for it. But GW went into this ill-advised and illegal war saying that Iraq's oil would fund it. We have now spent enough in that tiny country to totally fix Social Security or secure Medicare into the next half of this century or fund a universal health care system or repair and replace our aging infrastructure or research and develop alternate energy resources . . . the list goes on and grows by the minute . . . or's get replaced by and's.

Yes, we are bitter. What happened to Democracy begins at home? Not to mention charity? A recent report on a local TV channel said that the US government has promised our National Guard to replace all the equipment shipped to Iraq by 2013. That's five years! This equipment and our National Guard is used to fight wild fires on the grasslands and forest fires in the mountains. This year they had to go and rescue a community buried in record snows without an operating snowplow. They spent two days preparing to rescue people without food because the antiquated equipment GW did not want for Iraq needed tires, and mechanical fixes to make the trip.

Yes, we are bitter. And quite frankly I think that is the only sane way to be right about now. We have not only spent all the money that could fix this country but we have spent all the future money that could fix this country. Russia went bankrupt fighting the war in Afghanistan. We are so deeply in debt to China on the war in Iraq we have to make nice to a communist country that plans to change the weather for the Olympics. Don't they care that it might have climatic repercussions down jet stream? No. They don't care about Tibet, or our poisoned pets, or the lead paint in toys either. But GW will go to the opening ceremonies and honor them because we owe them money for a war we should never have gotten into.

I think Obama was spot on. We are bitter and we want something done about it. Until then we have our guns, and some their religion. And we just don't want anything given away to anyone else until we get our fair share. Obama's one mistake is he limited his comment to the blue collar workers. Doesn't matter what your collar color is we are all bitter.