Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Dream Ticket

The Governor of the state of New Mexico (my state, ergo my governor) endorsed Barack Obama for President. I was thrilled. Quite frankly from the moment he dropped out of the race for Democratic candidate for President I have been pairing him up as Vice President. Or putting him in the position of Secretary of State.

I have known Gov. Richardson since he was my United States Representative. He used to hold these town hall meetings throughout his congressional district and not talk to the people but listen to their concerns. At one of these I attended the mayor of my town passed out and fell out of his chair. Wherein all the attendees of the meeting proceeded to ignore what had just taken place. The man was an alcoholic and cocaine addict and clearly had not obtained the right balance for the day. It was nothing new.

Bill coolly, and non-verbally signaled one of his own aides, and the Mayor of Questa was expedited out of the room. Bill did not even pause in his answering of questions. Impressed I requested of his staff to be given time with the man his next visit to address the alcohol problem in Northern New Mexico. And got it. A fifteen minute meeting turned out to be 45 for me and a few professionals in the alcohol and drug abuse area. Congressman Richardson listened and asked questions and listened some more. Since becoming governor he has attempted to address New Mexico's horrendous DWI problem with not just legislation but an understanding of the underlying issues of alcoholism and its effects on the family and community.

In short, it is my considered opinion that the man listens. That really sounds to me like something we could use in the White House or the administration of our next President. And Obama speaks well. Something else we could also use in our government at the highest levels. Bill not only listens but he has this ability to negotiate. Now there is a word we have not heard for seven years. Obama not only speaks well but he inspires with his words. Been a while since we have had an inspiring leader, heh? Bill has also run a state, and despite what his critics say, run it well. We don't have a huge deficit like the United States so he has the experience some say Obama lacks.

We need to inspire and negotiate in the future. No more cowboy diplomacy as has been practiced by the current embarrassment in the White House. No more going to war with everyone that disagrees with you.

Richardson has been wooed by both the Clintons and Obama. He worked with President Clinton in various capacities and of late watched the Super Bowl with him. The Clinton people, Richardson said, called him daily. Obama was calling him personally. Not even a go between secretary. Mano y mano. The United States needs to do some of that with a few leaders of troubled nations. Instead of just declaring a whole population of people part of the axis of evil and walking off.

This primary season is once again looking promising. Just when I was toying with voting McCain if Hillary got the nod.