Friday, March 20, 2009

Fear or Guilt or Greed

In Feudal England and Colonial American Tar and Feathering was a rather popular means of humiliation by the public. The Boston Commissioner of Customs John Malcolm was tar and feathered four weeks after the Boston Tea Party as one of the more famous examples.

It was also common to ride the person around town or out of town on a rail so the crowds could throw insults and I assume other objects. Today we seem to use the press for these acts of humiliation. But they are evidently still effective as an executive of AIG reported that several of their top employees quit and left town in fear for their lives.

Well, even in the American west if has been a long time since a lynch mob went further than the local bar. I have to wonder if this tale of loss is spin-doctoring to cover up those too greedy to give back their bonuses or heading for off-shore to hide their ill gotten gains from the new tax law being passed that would claim 90% back. If the report was made to gain the sympathy of the American people they have another think coming. I doubt we would retaliate but I do think if it is unwise to put AIG on your resume these days. So where would they work in the future?

they could go straight to the FBI investigating possible felonies committed by AIG and other banking firms responsible for this crisis and get in the witness protection program.